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On September, 2 coconuts are celebrated in Asian and Pacific regions by the APCC (Asian and Pacific Coconut Community) which facilitates most of the coconut production centres. World Coconut Day aims to bring coconuts into the spotlight and celebrate one of the world’s nature healthiest foods and promotes the uses and importance of coconuts.

Coconuts are members of the drupe family, and it is a fleshy fruit with thin skin and a central stone containing the seed that has been planting in tropical regions.


Did you know that the minerals in coconuts are involved in many functions in your body as coconuts are especially high in manganese which is essential for bone health and the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and cholesterol (Danahy, 2019).

Additionally, they are also rich in copper and iron which helps form red blood cells; as well as selenium that’s an important antioxidant that protects your cells.

However, the coconut meat is high in fat, the MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) that it contains may help you lose excess body fat.

Contains protein and small amount of B vitamins. Rich in copper and iron that helps form red blood cells. High in fibre and healthy fats, to help stabilize your blood sugar. Helps slow digestion and improve insulin resistance. Contains polyphenol antioxidants that protects your cells from damage. May reduce your disease risk. May improve cholesterol levels. Helps decrease belly fat. Versatile. Works well in both sweet and savoury foods.

Coconuts are produced in more than 80 countries around the world. 

62.46 million metric tonnes of coconuts are produced globally in 2019Top 5 coconut producers in the world

Here at Güsto Snacks we have created a healthy award winning air-dried wonky apple crisps with a coconut twist to create that sweet and delicious taste that gives you that satisfying crunch. A perfect snack on its own or try them in your porridge or yoghurt. Packs with natural good stuff: naturally sweet, high in fibre, part of your five a day and suitable for vegans.

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Lastly, we had influencer: Naomi Angeliquee create a quick but delicious ice-cream recipe for us using our apple crisps with a coconut twist as part of her ingredients to help us celebrate World Coconut Day. 

Check out the recipe NOW on our Instagram page (@gusto.snacks) and Naomi's (@naomiangeliquee). 

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